Where Can I Buy Vanilla Dip/Chew/Snuff/Smokeless Tobacco?
The only place you can buy Vanilla smokeless tobacco online is right here at www.ToughGuyChew.com

Why was Vanilla Skoal Discontinued?
In 2009, Congress enacted the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act banning the use of flavors other than menthol in cigarettes. However, other tobacco products, including "little cigars" (cigarettes wrapped in paper containing tobacco), snuff and other smokeless tobacco products were not included in the prohibition. We believe that action should be taken to correct this oversight.

Where Can I Buy Dip/Chew/Snuff/Smokeless Tobacco Online?
Tough Guy Chew is the only online dealer that is fully licensed to sell smokeless tobacco over the internet.

What are some new Dip/Chew/Snuff/Smokeless Tobacco Flavors?
Here at Tough Guy Chew we are the only company to invent brand new flavors such as Lemon, Orange
and Cinnamon. As well as carrying the standard flavors Wintergreen and Original.

Does nicotine have any benefits?
That question is a bit tricky to answer, since there is not actually a scientifically accepted definition of addiction. We know that some people try hard to give up nicotine and keep going back to it, which probably meets most people's definition of addiction. Indeed, that is a large part of why we think harm reduction is such an important idea. If everyone who used nicotine could just take it or leave it, then some anti-tobacco advocates' goal of getting everyone to just quit would not be so absurd.

Is Tough Guy Herbal Chew Safe?
Tough Guy Chew is made with FDA approved "food grade" ingredients, and manufactured in an inspected facility.

Does Tough Guy Herbal Chew taste exactly like smokeless tobacco?
Our Herbal Chew tastes almost identical to our smokeless tobacco line of products.

How does Tough Guy Chew compare to other Herbal Brands like Smokey Mountain and Jake's Chew?
Tough Guy chews has the best tasting Herbal Chew on the market. Try it for yourselves.

Can I swallow the juice from Tough Guy Herbal Chew?
No! You should not swallow the juice from Tough Guy Herbal Chew. Our Herbal Chew contains nicotine and should be treated the same way as other smokeless tobacco products.